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New Book - Europe Tidbits

March 9, 2016

Europe tidbits focuses on small details, with less déjà-vu than icons so well known, but still "juicy", enough "per se" for powerfully advocating Europe. And in the end, also the freedom, beauty and joy of the people who have produced all this. Book now on sale by Amazon, in 30x30 hardcover, and by Blurb in convenient pdf format.

New Photos - Studio

August 7, 2014

New photos from my most recent hard-work days in studio. Updates in Dance, Glamour & Nudes and Portraits & Still Life.

New photos - Outdoor and Location

August 5, 2014

Freshly (and lightly)edited photos from my recent trips to Berlin and Iceland can be found in Travels & People and Art & Architecture galleries.

My First Book Published

December 16, 2013

This photo, like many others in my collection, is part of a project, where I aim at blending the grace and strength of nude dance with the intrigue and sensuality of (un)covered female body. Out of this project I have published my first book, now on sale by Blurb. Available formats are luxurious 30x30 hardcover, cost-savvy 18x18 softcover and convenient iPad eBook. You can find comprehensive previews at

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