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Here's where all began, and it has been all and nothing more for a long time. Experience taught me how the flavor of a place is made by the people who live there and by the marks they leave behind them.


Blue Eyes.jpg
Frozen in Time.jpg
Iceland Working Day.jpg
Sky Reflection.jpg
Sulphur & Storm.jpg
Serving the Infinite.jpg
The Icelandic Watcher.jpg
The Social Ladder.jpg
How to Read Palms.jpg
A View from Heaven.jpg
The Patient Garden King.jpg
Spanish Steps in April.jpg
Even a Statue Needs a Break.jpg
Gnome's House.jpg
Vexata Quaestio.jpg
Ville Lumière.jpg
Vatican Baroque.jpg
Toward Sunset.jpg
David and Goliath.jpg
Venice Reflection.jpg
Gold from Different Ages.jpg
Venice in Blue.jpg
Avant la Lumière.jpg
Wine and Trees.jpg
The Past is the Future.jpg
Rock and Sky.jpg
Hey, I'm Here!.jpg
Industrial Archeology.jpg
Twilight on Herreninsel.jpg
Pair and Coxswain.jpg
Chorus Line.jpg
Lamps on Red.jpg
Spicy Pattern.jpg
Sunset in a Blink.jpg
Three Girlfriends.jpg
Holland in Italy.jpg
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